Who Belongs?

LVTC boasts people from age 18 on. We do not shun teenagers, but we feel it best that if a teenager wants to join that they do it with their parents or guardian. This is due to the type of functions we provide. Among the members are professional men and women of all job classifications. Widows, widowers, single persons, and married – all find something of value in their memberships – for the pride of owning theĀ Thunderbird, the exclusive personal car of distinction, keeps them driving a vehicle of a past decade. For this company of people, there is a whale of a lot of fun in driving a “Thunderbird.” To them, it’s a daily holiday, a pick-me-up that never lets them down. It is full expression of their love of life and the chance to live the life they love. The LVTC wants to keep them feeling that way.

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