Twenty Years of Style

A fresh look for 1973 with a redesigned grille and new side treatment. The addition of the small windows in the rear quarter panels of the top made the Thunderbird appear to be a completely new car. This year brought the first appearance of the extended front bumper. In all, 87,269 Thunderbirds were produced.

There was very little change in the Thunderbird in 1973 and 1974, save for the most noticeable, which was the rear bumper, which The rear bumper was extended; and the front grille and fenders now resembled the ever-popular Lincoln Continental, which was built on the same chassis style. In all, 58,443 T-Birds were manufactured in ’74.

A fresh styling idea was introduced this year, the Cooper Luxury Group. The 1975 Thunderbird was the most opulent car in the history of the legendary marque. Elegance, style, performance and comfort have become the hallmarks of the Thunderbird. The entire automobile was planned around passenger comfort. Every possible attention to detail was incorporated into the overall design.

The new standard equipment included an AM/FM multiplex radio, and the deluxe bumper group and cornering lights. A choice of ten new colors was available along with the optional package, which now included four-wheel disc brakes. This new feature allowed all four wheels to be controlled through a hydraulically actuated “Sure Track” system, which prevented wheel lock.

The 1975 Thunderbird boasted total luxury and to mark its’ 20th Anniversary, Ford introduced the Silver Luxury Group. This special anniversary model offered a silver vinyl half roof, the new Silver Starfire paint, side moldings with color keyed vinyl inserts, and silver leather upholstery. The anniversary model had an angular rear quarter window plus an opera window. The standard engine was a 460-cid and the total number for production was 42,685.